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How to report spotted lanternfly sightings in your area

Report Spotted Lanternfly Sightings: Quick and Easy Steps

Spotted lanternflies are invasive pests that can cause significant damage to plants and trees. If you spot one in your area, it's crucial to report it to the appropriate authorities. Reporting sightings can help prevent the spread of these pests and protect the environment. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to report spotted lanternfly sightings in your area:

Step 1: Identify the Spotted Lanternfly

Before reporting a sighting, it's essential to confirm that what you saw is indeed a spotted lanternfly. These insects are about one inch long and half an inch wide, with wings that are grayish-brown with black spots. They also have distinctive bright red underwings that are visible when they fly. If you're unsure whether you've seen a spotted lanternfly, you can check online for pictures or descriptions.

Step 2: Note the Location

Once you've confirmed that you've seen a spotted lanternfly, note the location where you spotted it. This information is critical for authorities to track the spread of these pests accurately. Be as specific as possible, noting the address or GPS coordinates if you have them.

Step 3: Take a Photo

Take a clear photo of the spotted lanternfly. This will help authorities confirm the sighting and take appropriate action. Make sure the photo is in focus and shows the insect's distinctive features, such as its wings and red underwings.

Step 4: Report the Sighting

There are several ways to report spotted lanternfly sightings. You can report them online through your state's Department of Agriculture website or by calling the appropriate hotline. You can also report sightings to local authorities, such as your county extension office or local park ranger.

Step 5: Follow Up

After reporting the sighting, it's essential to follow up to ensure that appropriate action has been taken. If you reported the sighting online, you should receive a confirmation email or reference number. If you reported the sighting by phone or in person, ask for a reference number or contact information for follow-up.

In conclusion, reporting spotted lanternfly sightings is crucial to prevent the spread of these invasive pests. By following these steps, you can help protect the environment and ensure that appropriate action is taken to control the spread of these insects.

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